Dissemination³: Lørdagsuniversitetet and Forskningstorget in Kristiansand, and Tolkens Dag in Oslo.

The University of Agder hosts weekly seminars for the local community of Kristiansand, typically on Saturdays (Lørdagsuniversitet). One of our members, Chiara Astrid Gebbia, recently had the unique opportunity to share her research during one of these events.

On the 7th of October, Chiara delivered a speech centered around the question: “Can Metaphors Die?”. Metaphors play a ubiquitous role in our daily communication, often evading our conscious awareness. They reside within the folds of polysemy in our language and subtly influence our perception of professional roles, including that of translators.

In her presentation, Chiara breathed new life into these metaphors, shedding light on their significance and impact.

The National Science Week (Forskningsdagene) is an annual event in Norway where research institutions all over the country present some of their work to the public. Amongst other events, the University of Agder took to the streets (Forskningstorget) on September 23rd to disseminate its research with the vibrant local community of Kristiansand. Two members of our AFO group, Jean Nitzke and Chiara Astrid Gebbia, were given the responsibility of managing the exhibit that showcased the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation. 

To welcome attendees of all age groups, we designed two engaging hands-on activities centered around the metaphors and idioms we commonly employ in our daily lives. Visitors were also encouraged to share their own metaphors that encapsulated their perspectives on translation and languages to enrich the event.

And finally, Sandra Halverson and Jean Nitzke got the chance to represent the translation-related study programs of UiA at the Interpreting Day (Tolkens dag) at OsloMet on September 25th. The afternoon not only offered a very interesting program, but also gave enough time for inspiring and meaningful conversation. Many thanks to the colleagues at OsloMet for giving us the opportunity!

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