AFO members are involved in the delivery of postgraduate taught and research programmes at UiA

MA in Translation and Professional Communication | MA Oversettelse og fagspråklig kommunikasjon

Professional communication is essential to the world of business, organizations and the public sector. Large scale production of texts of a varied nature, from technical documentation to annual and official reports, produced and translated both for internal and external use, calls for a particular set of linguistic and communicative skills. The increased use of technology leads to more multilingual content being created, which again leads to an increased need for skilled translators and communicators.

As more content is created and the current arena of communication becomes more and more global, communication often has to take place across different languages. This means that the language workers must be in possession of a unique, multilingual skill set for transferring meaning across languages and cultures. This programme educates translators for high level professional communication. Students have to show high levels of understanding and insight in the relevant fields of research, i. e. translation studies, linguistics and communication, to achieve the learning outcomes established for the programme. The students study relevant theories and methods of research. By working on their master’s thesis, they are trained in critical and independent thinking on issues related to professional communication and translation. Working with ethical issues relating to research and professional practice is an integral part of this work.

PhD Programme in Humanities and Education | Phd program i humaniora og pedagogikk

More information on the PhD Programme in Humanities and Education is available here.

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