ICTIC 4 in Santiago de Chile and ICTIC 5 in Kristiansand

In early September, Jean Nitzke traveled to Santiago de Chile to present at the Fourth International Conference on Translation, Interpreting, and Cognition (ICTIC 4). ICTIC is a biannual conference where researchers on cognitive translation and interpreting studies from all over the world meet to exchange on their current research. Starting in Argentina in 2017, the conference has become an established event for the research community and tries to alternate between hosting universities in Southern America and Europe.

This year’s theme was “Methods we live by” and Jean presented on “Simulating realistic translation workflows in translator education: The challenges of hybrid teaching and multilingual courses”. She focused on the challenges and solutions on a course unit she and Sandra developed in the internally funded project simulating a translation office.

And we proudly announce that the next ICTIC in early June 2025 will be hosted by us! So, put a note in your calendar, save the date, and stay tuned.

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