AFO Participation in the Founding Meeting of the Norwegian Association for Translation and Interpreting Research and the 2022 EST conference

In June, AFO members spent an eventful week in Oslo. On Tuesday 21 June they took part in the founding meeting of the  Norsk nettverk for oversettelses- og tolkeforskning (Norwegian Association for Translation and Interpreting Research). After more than a year of preparation that began with an online meeting in June 2021, translation scholars from more than ten Norwegian research institutions came together to bring the network officially into being. The network connects translation and interpreting academics from all over the country and aims to create new opportunities for exchange and collaboration on a number of pedagogical and research fronts.

Executive Committee of the Norwegian Association for Translation and Interpreting Research (from left to right): Siri Neraard (USN), Anlaug Ersland (Deputy Representative, UiA), Sandra Halverson (UiA), Randi Havnen (OsloMet), Guliano D´Amico (Deputy Representative, UiO)

The week proceeded with the 2022 EST Conference (Advancing Translation Studies), one of the biggest international events in translation studies, which held every third year. Three members of the research group took the opportunity to present their research. Erlend Wichne delivered a paper entitled ‘The Re-creation of the Foreign. The Gjendikting Concept and State-funded Literature in Norway”. Jean Nitzke and her former colleagues from the University of Mainz spoke about ‘Revisiting the Decision Tree Model for Post-editing Tasks: What Can the Language Industry Teach Us?’. And Sandra Halverson contributed to two presentations on site –– ‘Investigating Default Translation in Keylogs: Developing a Method’ with Claudia Förster Hegrenæs and ‘Building a Usage-based Theory of Translation: Foundations in and Developments from Descriptive Translation Studies’ with Haidee Kotze –– and to one online presentation entitled ‘Lexical Bundles in Formulaic Interpreting: A Corpus-based Descriptive Exploration” with Yang Li.

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