Contribution to Unsettling Translation

Professor Luis Pérez-González has contributed a chapter to Unsettling Translation, a volume of studies in honour of Theo Hermans that Mona Baker has edited for Routledge.

This collection engages with translation and interpreting from a diverse but complementary range of perspectives, in dialogue with the seminal work of Theo Hermans. A foundational figure in the field, Hermans’s scholarly engagement with translation spans several key areas, including history of translation, metaphor, norms, ethics, ideology, methodology, and the critical reconceptualization of the positioning of the translator and of translation itself as a social and hermeneutic practice. Those he has mentored or inspired through his lectures and pioneering publications over the years are now household names in the field, with many represented in this volume. They come together here both to critically re-examine translation as a social, political and conceptual site of negotiation and to celebrate his contributions to the field.

Professor Luis Pérez-González’s paper, entitled ‘Subtitling Disinformation Narratives around COVID-19. ‘Foreign’ Vlogging in the Construction of Digital Nationalism in Chinese Social Media’, can be accessed online via open access.

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